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Last updated: 05/05/11 | VERSION 4


FOR PEOPLE WHO REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF GROUP ORDERS, just read the super simplified version. It cuts out a lot, but it provides links to most of the information found here.

1. Read EVERYTHING on this page!!!
2. If there's an order in progress, fill out an order form!

Quick Links

Customs & Duties
Out of Stock
Order Guidelines
Changing Your Order
Order & Status


from Sechuna (Korea)

Shipping method: EMS, fast & traceable!
Delivery time: ~3-5 business days.
Tracking number: It will be on the Excel sheet (status order page).


To make things fairer, I've developed a shipping point system.

Each shipping point is $1.60 CAD.

CATEGORY A ~ Jewelery - 0.5 points (1 pair of earrings would be $0.80 to ship)
CATEGORY B ~ Socks/scarves/etc - 1 point (1 pair of socks would be $1.60 to ship)
CATEGORY C ~ Clothing/Bags - 1.5 points (1 shirt would be $2.40 to ship)
CATEGORY D ~ Shoes/Jackets/etc - 2 points (1 pair of shoes would be $3.20 to ship)

ADVANTAGE: TRULY FAIR! Rather than pay a standard rate (ex: $12) for two items, you pay just what you should pay.
DISADVANTAGE: People who order a lot of stuff won't benefit from ridiculously cheap shipping. [consider placing a personal order @ sechuna_pers!]

from Canada (me) to you

You will be sent a second invoice.

I am willing to ship worldwide.

Shipping method: Canada Post
Tracking number: If available (depends on the shipping method), you should receive an automated tracking notification. If you didn't, check the Excel page to find your tracking number (if available).
Cost: Shipping cost is based on the location, dimensions, weight, and the shippping method.

Please do not ask me for a shipping quote. (help on estimating it yourself)


Customs & Duties could be applied to the package upon receipt. Though rare, the following rates will apply:</b>.

Clothing: 18%
Wallets/Bags: 10.5%
Shoes: 20%
Jewellery: 6.5%
Sales tax: 12.5% of the total

03/12/09 - Customs/Duties are not being charged beforehand at this moment. That means that if the package is hit with customs, the rates above will apply.


Sechuna charges in Korean Won (KRW). Because the exchange rate changes every single day and banks charge 2.5% above the raw rate found on currency conversion sites, I will use a standardized rate.

The static rate for each order can be found on the Excel page for that specific order.


Sechuna's sizes are generally "free size", so they can fit a wide range of people. You can use Google Translate to translate item descriptions/colours.


-- Size: onesize
- S 총길이 : 30cm / 허리둘레 : 68cm -- S chonggil: 30cm / waist circumference: 68cm
- M 총길이 : 31cm / 허리둘레 : 72cm -- M chonggil: 31cm / waist circumference: 72cm
- 색상 : 카키톤, 블루톤 -- Color: kakiton, beulruton

Use a measurement convertor and/or YesStyle's sizing chart to check sizes.


품절 means OUT OF STOCK.

In the event some of your items go out of stock, I will refund you or use it towards your shipping/top-ups.


  • Payment must be made in CAD (Canadian Dollars) ONLY. If you absolutely need to send a different currency, talk to me about it and we'll work something out!

    NOTE: Please understand that this makes no difference to you! It's even slightly cheaper (and much simpler) to just do one conversion (CAD to KRW) rather than convert from USD to CAD and then to KRW.

  • Accepted methods of payment: All forms of PayPal, concealed cash, money orders, and e-mail money transfers.
    • IMPORTANT!!! If you pay with a PayPal eCheck or by mail, make sure it gets here before the deadline.

    • Sending via PayPal:
      applicable PayPal fee will be added (calculated with PPCalc).
      • DO NOT SEND ME MONEY USING THE "SEND MONEY" FUNCTION. I will ALWAYS invoice you (except for the deposit). Use the PAY NOW button on the main order page for deposits. If you send me money without paying an invoice, I will refund the payment and ask that you pay the invoice properly.
    1. Deposit ($15 CAD)

    Due: ASAP.

    Why do we need to pay a $15 deposit?

    1. To CONFIRM your spot in each order. Please send your deposit at the same time as your order. (If sending payment by mail, please contact me.)

    2. To discourage drop outs and deadbeats. If you later decide to drop out, ignore my e-mails, not pay your invoices, or something else of that kind, I will not refund your deposit and will place you on the blacklist/drop out list.

    3. For those who do not drop out, it will be used towards your shipping from me to you/top-ups/customs (if applicable)

    NOTE: For those paying via PayPal, I will receive a little bit less than $15 due to fees [$14.26 from US/CAN, $14.11 INTL].

    2. Invoice #1

    Due: Before the deadline / order is placed
    Breakdown: Cost of your items + Shipping charge + Service charge

    • Service charge:

      1 item = $3
      2 items = $6
      3 items = $9
      4-9 items = $9
      10 items = $10
      11 items = $11
      12 items = $12
      - etc

      LARGE ORDERS: If you want to order a ton of stuff, it would be cheaper and better for you to place a personal order ^__^ (sechuna_pers)

    3. Invoice #2

    Due: After items arrive from Sechuna
    Breakdown: Cost of shipping from me to you + Cost of shipping materials (box, poly mailer, etc) + top up on customs/shipping (only applicable if deposit doesn't cover it)

    If you refuse to pay the second invoice, I will not ship the items. You have four weeks from the day your second invoice is sent to make payment. If I don't receive it and you don't talk to me about a problem, I will assume you no longer want the items. Not paying the second invoice will put you on the blacklist unless you have a valid reason.


    Calculating Invoice #1: click here
    Estimating Invoice #2 (SHIPPING CHARGES): click here



    Please follow these guidelines so I can enter your order quickly and accurately!!!

    Each item should look like this:


    1) Pink fur jacket / Pink - 2 / o/s / http://sechuna.com/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=003003000005
    2) Long-sleeved bunny shirt / White - 1 / o/s / http://sechuna.com/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=001003000513


    You just need to BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE ITEM. I don't want the name in Korean or an Engrishy translated version.

    Examples: Cute blouse, Stripey shirt, Jeans, Bear backpack, Sneakers, etc


    When specifying the colours, please include the name in ENGLISH (SIMPLY USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE) as well as the slot number. This will help to limit mistakes and make things go faster.

    • If you want an item in a certain colour, but would settle for different ones should your first choice go out of stock, please use the format below:

    • Example: Cute blouse / Blue - 1 [Pink - 2 / Cream - 3] / M
      In that example, blue is the first choice, pink is the second, and cream is the third.

    • If you have no colour preference, enter ANY.

    • Example: Cute blouse / 1 / ANY / M


    Enter size. If free size, write o/s (one size).


    Please don't give me the links to your TRANSLATED version. I need the ACTUAL Sechuna link.

    OMG BUT HOW? THE LINK NEVER CHANGES?!: Open a new tab/window or copy the link in order to get the full URL code including the Product ID. (IMAGE)

    Example: http://sechuna.com/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=003003000005

    Back-Up Items
    Because Sechuna sells out of items quickly, there is a field on the order form where you can list the items you'd like to have as alternatives/replacements if some of your items go out of stock. If there is a difference in price, it will be accounted for on your second invoice.

    Item List #1: Items listed here will be automatically eliminated from your order IF THEY GO OUT OF STOCK. List items in the Back-Up list if you want to list alternatives.

    Back-up List. List items here that will replace items in Item List #1 IF THEY GO OUT OF STOCK.

    For example:

    Replace Item #6 with: [same format]
    Replace Item #8 with: [same format]


    Even after you submit your order, you can change it before the deadline. You can add, remove, and switch items with total freedom!

    To make changes, leave a comment on the appropriate Main Order Post with the item # (in the left column of your order box on the Excel sheet), the name, and/or with your new changes. When changing your order, you should still follow the order format.



    Ready to Order
    Have you read and understood everything?




    To check the status of the order, visit the Main Order Post to view the Excel sheet (sample). I will update this as often as possible. It will be password protected.

    NOTE: The Excel page looks terrible in Google Chrome. If it looks bad when viewing with IE or Firefox, please refresh the page.

    There is one Main Order Post for every group order with major updates. This is where you can post questions/comments specifically to each order.

    How long does the whole process of a group order normally take?

    All that being said, it's really quite simple to participate! Fill out a form, pay your invoices, and wait for the goods to arrive!


    After reading this page, are you totally confused? If so, read the super simplified version and the FAQ.

    If you still have questions, e-mail me or leave a comment, but make sure you've read everything.


    I am in no way responsible if:

    • Sechuna does not ship the items
    • Sechuna makes an error (wrong colour, wrong size, etc) or ships damaged items (or they get damaged in the mail)
    • you are not satisfied with the product (no returns, no refunds)
    • your payment is lost in the mail
    • your shipment is lost in the mail
    • you must pay additional customs, duties or other fees (please consult your post office for information and let me know)
    • I make a mistake on the Excel and you do not notify me. Though I try my absolute best, I am only human and have many, many orders to take care of. Participants only have to verify their one order, so it is highly recommended that you verify your order on the Excel sheet in case I've made any errors.
    • etcetera

    I will definitely help rectify any problems (especially lost shipment) by consulting Canada Post, my bank, and/or Sechuna.

    If you have any ideas/questions, please leave a comment! I'm constantly looking for ways to improve.
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