le fou roux (loveledusastray) wrote in sechuna,
le fou roux

selling rowky coat (price lowered)

♥ my feedback can be found here: ekkaia @ lj, eglfeedback @ lj, ebay
♥ paypal only
♥ prices do not include shipping
♥ i'm located in switzerland. shipping options are economy airmail (slow but cheap) and priority airmail (fast but more expensive).
♥ prices are in us dollars due to convenience
♥ i am not responsible for things getting lost in the mail so there will be no refunds for lost items. registered shipping is available for an extra $5.60
♥ no holds
♥ please get back to me when i reply to a comment you made!

rowky trenchcoat, very light, onesize, new $40 $36 (original price krw 64,000 = $58.85)

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