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Hello new and old members of sechuna!

I'd like to apologize for the lack of group orders lately.
Life has been ridiculously hectic with a full-time job and being a student, and with other various personal activities, so I apologize. I have been working vigorously on a new website that I am almost finished with that will bring many new and exciting upgrades to MinarinShop's existing service!

As many of you many already know, I am now able to order from any Korean website. Also, there is no longer a minimum needed to order from Sechuna (originally it was 200,000KRW). These changes are not on my website yet. But, if you want something from Sechuna now, you can place a personal order. I've been doing many personal orders lately just because they are much faster and simpler than GOs, but don't worry -- I have not abandoned GOs ^^

I may start a GO with a very restrictive limit (ie: maximum 5 people) for Sechuna and Zipia.
If you are interested, please leave a comment!
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News Update [temp post]

Hey everyone :D

Plan for July-August

- New store added to group orders
- Addition of special group orders
- Launch of Korean shopping service & full launch of Japanese shopping service

New store added to group orders

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there will be three group orders launching around the same time: Sechuna #11, Zipia #11, and Gumzzi #1! I'm so excited to add Gumzzi to the list of (hopefully) regular group orders. The store is awesome and has tons of products -- not just clothes!

Addition of special group orders
I'm also interested in doing special group orders from other Korean stores. I can order from any Korean store, but I want to choose ones that everyone is interested in.

Here are two that I'm looking at:

- Feminine style
- CUTE accessories
- Very reasonable prices
- VERY cute goods for the upcoming school year, including those famous Candy Sugar bags from Japan!

- Pure cute!!!
- This site is specifically geared to those of still in school, and who like to add a bit of cute to their daily lives
- Many of the items are from Japan

Is anyone interested in these sites? Please let me know!

If you are interested in a group order for other sites, please add it in a comment. If the site you want is already listed by someone else, please reply to their comment with "me too" or "+1" or something :D I'll choose the most popular shop.

Launch of Korean shopping service & full launch of Japanese shopping service

Many of you may know that I offer a shopping service for those who have no credit card/PayPal account or live in a country where merchants don't ship to. I am in the midst of adding Japan and Korea to the list of countries I can order from :] A new website will launch by the end of this summer, so please think of MinarinShop when you want to do a personal order from Asia!
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RE: Sechuna #10

Hi everyone!

Invoices will be sent out tomorrow afternoon. Please pay them as soon as possible, but don't worry about the deadline since I am a bit late getting invoices out (I had a crazy, but fun week-end :D).

Thanks for your understanding ^_^ I'll also be accepting any later orders if people are still interested.
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for sale & wtb

i'm selling this brand new dress from sechuna at my selling journal for $18.50 + shipping. more info & pics: ekkaia sold, thank you.

also, i'm looking for shirts (or any other apparel for that matter) with jetoy cat designs! i know there were one or two available at sechuna last summer but i missed out on them and haven't been able to find anything similar since. :{